The first coat of blue went on pretty well. There was a little sagging in a few places, but not much. I went back the next day, and Kim had sanded the entire hull! All the sag lines were gone.

We decided to try a modified technique – rolling without brushing – big mistake. We tried to brush it out, but made a big mess. So, we reverted to the original method. It came out perfect. We ended up with a nice finish on the starboard side, and bow, and a mess on about two thirds of the port side.

So, we had to go for a third coat on the port side. It isn’t quite as good as the starboard side, but it is close. Next up, topsides in white!

Kim does his magic.

This is the "good" side.

He has the touch!!!

Lookin' sharp!


Next, I transport the “primed” boat to my friend Kim’s house. Kim is a bodywork expert from his long background in the collision repair business.

We transferred the boat to the trailer . . . and went for a ride.

Off the jig . . . onto the trailer!

Hitched up and ready to go!

Nestled into Kim's garage.

It is kind of lonely back home, though . . .

I bought a Harbor Freight Tools trailer. Some assembly required? Complete assembly required! Nothing was put together.
It took all evening, but my pretty red trailer came together. It will do nicely.

How many pieces?

Every nut is a nylon lock nut. Very hard to turn.

All done!

I tried the spritzing spray paint on and sanding it off to find the remaining low spots. I didn’t like this. It was hard to sand it off. The sandpaper constantly gummed up.

Finally . . . I was ready for primer. I rolled on the primer . . . only to realize I used the wrong primer. Instead of PrimeKote, I accidentally bought InterProtect 2000E. Kinda sounds the same . . . right?

This is a much thicker, gloopier primer. It was hard to apply, and left the boat with a very orange peely complexion. I could see more sanding in my future.

After reading about it on the internet, I decided to sand it down as smooth as I could and apply the PrimeKote over it.

Luckily, it only took me one day to sand the whole thing. Along the way, I found some new areas that needed more sanding . . . so, it was a net gain.

I used a contrasting green spray paint and lightly misted it on.

It was sticky and hard to work with.

After it is sanded off . . . it leaves a very shiny surface.

All rolled in InterProtect 2000E. Yucky stuff. Gotta sand it off.

It was a good weekend of work on Pleione. If I hadn’t met Kim, I would say it was ready for paint. He suggested an extra step. I’ll give that a try next.

The rub rail looks great. The  boat is pretty smooth.  The sanding is about as good as I can get it using my eye to scan, and hand to feel. It is tempting at this point to go straight to primer.

Instead, I’m going to lightly spray on a thin coat of spray paint. Then I’ll sand it off, to reveal the low spots I missed. I’ll give it a try this week, and I’ll take pictures.

I hope to have it paint ready in a week. We’ll see.

Ready for paint? Not quite yet . . . but very soon!

I still love the curves and lines of this boat.

After over a month off to attend to other projects, I am back to work on Pleione. I really want to finish by the end of April, so the pressure is on!!

Our Tacoma rental house vacated, and WOW was there a lot of damage. It took us five full weekends and several evenings of work to get it ready to rent again.

Meanwhile, the weather changed again. We no longer have the cold nights and days. So, I took down the plastic walls. I am working “outside” again!

Yesterday, we glued the rub rail on the starboard side. The glue needs seven days to set, so I’ll peak at it again this weekend.

Emerging from the shroud.

The PVC rub rail looks sharp!

Graham, and his roommate, Tom, were in town briefly this weekend. I used the extra hands to try and glue on the PVC rub rail.

We only had enough time (and glue) to do one side. It will allow me to see how it works before I go for the other side.

We used 3M 5200 adhesive. It was much more runny than I thought it would be, and dripped down the sides of the boat badly. More work for later . . . hmmm.

The tape looks kind of cool . . . maybe I should leave it on? 🙂

This feels like a finishing touch! We are getting near the end.