Pleione is now upside down again . . . Boy does that hull need some work . . . but that will have to wait for later. Right now, it is time to affix the newly crafted keel to her bottom.

I put fiberglass and epoxy over the keel, sanded it down, and then had to figure out a way to find a good center line. Lines are a little vague back there by the transom, as the hull gets flatter and flatter.

Luckily, neighbor Dave happen by and helped me snap a chalk line. We took some more measurements, made a few adjustments, and found what I believe will be a good line.

Next, how to get the flat bottom of the new keel to conform to the rounded nature of the hull bottom. After trying to sand a groove in the bottom of the keel plate, I decided to let nature help. I gooped on a thick coat of epoxy, placed the keel in its final position, and weighted it down. That way, the epoxy can flow to the low spots and form a shape similar to the bottom of the boat. I put a sheet of wax paper down first, so I could separate the keel from the hull after it sets.

What a goopy mess. Sigh . . . time to start sanding.

All sanded . . . ready for epoxy on the bottom to fit to the hull.

Weighed down for a snug fit.