Pleione is a great little boat. It is tons of fun. When we tow it behind our sailboat, and when we maneuver it around docks, the back end slides around, and it is hard to steer it straight. I should have installed the “optional” keel strip in the plans.

After talking to Carl and looking at other boats, I have decided to design and build a keel fin. Not because I have suddenly become a marine engineer, but because I think I can. It is a piece that can probably tolerate a little variation, and still keep the boat tracking in a line.

First I cut out and shaped the pieces. A fin, and a base. Then I had to figure out how to put them together and maintain a perfect perpendicular blade. I remembered how my guitar building friend, Stephen, makes jigs for everything. So, I designed a little jig. Two blocks made out of 2 x 6’s with slots cut in them to hold the blade “just so”.

First, cut and shape the pieces.

Next, test fit the pieces to form a keel fin.

The jig blocks hold everything together.

Slather on the epoxy, and make two pieces one!