I tried the spritzing spray paint on and sanding it off to find the remaining low spots. I didn’t like this. It was hard to sand it off. The sandpaper constantly gummed up.

Finally . . . I was ready for primer. I rolled on the primer . . . only to realize I used the wrong primer. Instead of PrimeKote, I accidentally bought InterProtect 2000E. Kinda sounds the same . . . right?

This is a much thicker, gloopier primer. It was hard to apply, and left the boat with a very orange peely complexion. I could see more sanding in my future.

After reading about it on the internet, I decided to sand it down as smooth as I could and apply the PrimeKote over it.

Luckily, it only took me one day to sand the whole thing. Along the way, I found some new areas that needed more sanding . . . so, it was a net gain.

I used a contrasting green spray paint and lightly misted it on.

It was sticky and hard to work with.

After it is sanded off . . . it leaves a very shiny surface.

All rolled in InterProtect 2000E. Yucky stuff. Gotta sand it off.