I haven’t posted in a while. It isn’t because I haven’t been working on the boat. It is because the work has been boring and monotonous. Sanding and sanding.

But! Progress is made. New things are learned. The end is in sight.

My friend Kim came over. He has experience in the autobody world, and the boating world. He showed me better sanding technique, and introduced me to the polyester putty used in autobody repair. It sets up in minutes, and is workable shortly after application.

This makes sanding much faster. And with wet sanding, less dusty.

Using the putty, the wet sanding, and input from Kim, I am re-sanding the hull sides. Knowing what I know now, the top would have looked considerably better than the sides if I left them alone. Now, I can make the whole boat look smoother.

I should be ready for paint in about a week and a half.

Look at that beautiful mess!

On the way to a mirror finish . . ?? . . . !!