When purchasing and procurement over-spend, production and operations needs to cut costs. Pleione is over budget . . . and it is cold outside.

It is not unusual for temperatures to be in the low to mid 30’s this time of year. No more unusual than temperatures in the high 40’s.

It takes a lot of electricity for to get my little work space up to working temperature when it is 32 degrees outside. It doesn’t take much at all when it is 48 degrees.

Therefore, our new marching orders are to lay low during the cold snaps, and work hard when it warms up. We had cold temperatures over the holidays, so work went very slowly.

This week it has been warmer. It was in the 50’s yesterday! So, I have moved forward again.

Each time I sand an area, I have to apply more resin to fill the low spots. Then, I have to sand it again. And repeat. Through this process, I gradually get a mirror smooth surface.

The foreground has been sanded . . . beyond that, more work to do . . .

One of the tools that really helps make things smooth is my Bahco furnture scraper. It looks like a rectangle of aluminum. I don’t know what it is made of, but it has an edge on it. It goes a long way toward making things smooth before I start sanding.

I love my Bahco!