It was a long day yesterday . . . sanding, prepping, and finally, applying glass to the decks. I put wax paper and kraft paper around the hull to keep the drips from the finished hull.

This morning, I got up and put a third coat on. It is not going on very smoothly. It will be hours of work to sand it and fair it, so it will be smooth enough for paint.

I have come so far . . . yet I have so much to do. Sigh . . . It looks like this project will keep me busy for another couple of months.

With the hull protected, I am ready for the goopy epoxy.

It took a couple of long hours to get the first coat of epoxy over the glass fabric.

Now with three coats of epoxy . . . very messy work.

A shiny reminder of lots of work ahead . . . to make this smooth as glass.