Getting ready for the fiberglass coating on the decks is a long and tedious job. Hours and hours of sanding and fairing go into it. I sand the “high” spots, and fair the “low” spots, so to speak. This means I add material to make the lower areas even. This, of course, leads to more sanding.

Over the past week, I have spent several hours putting epoxy in screw holes, dips, cracks, and low places, only to sand them smooth again. Before I apply the fiberglass cloth, I will sand the entire plywood surface to get it as smooth as I can.

I don’t think the plywood I bought is of the highest quality. It has all kinds of ridges and uneveness. After painting the hull, I can see how I should have spent more time and effort on this. I may end up re-fairing some parts of the hull before I’m through.

Patches of epoxy, and evidence of sanding.

The seat and floor are already covered in fiberglass.

Even so . . . more sanding and fairing is needed before paint is applied.