Living on the 48th parallel presents challenges when building a boat outdoors; especially as winter approaches. Our night time temperatures are in the 30’s now, and daytime temperatures rarely get out of the 40’s.  Next week, they tell us we will be in the mid 30’s all day.

This is not conducive to epoxies and polyurethane paints. And, since I am now at the stage where epoxy and paint is about all that is left to do . . . I needed to take some action.

That is why I wrapped my patio. I put two layers of plastic around, and even on the ceiling. By the time I finished, last night at 5:30, the inside temperature was already 55.  And that was with only 20 minutes of heat applied . . . even though it was dark and cold outside.

First we re-arrange, and clean up.

Then we enclose . . .

There really is a boat in there!

. . . told you so!