Long weekend of work. About 8 hours on Saturday, and a good 5 today.

It started with a two hour shopping trip. I bought almost all of the remaining electrical equipment, wire, conduit, fuses, LED lights, connectors . . . the basket was full.

I also bought the plywood I needed for the decking.

Saturday was all about getting the dashboard ready to go. I also wired the cockpit LED lights, bilge pump, and ran the wiring for the aft running light in conduit. It took me a long time to pull all that wire.

Today, I drilled all the holes (all 17 of them) in the dash board, and . . . I cut and fitted all of the deck pieces.

Now it is getting exciting.

Fitting the first deck piece.

Shows some of the conduit and wiring under the partially covered deck.

All decked.