There is a lot of variation among “Squirt” builders about a rub rail. Some use half round, or moulded wood. Some use aluminum strips.

I have an idea about using PVC. I used a 10′ piece of PVC for my steaming tube to bend the sheer logs. I thought I could cut a rub rail out of the PVC pipe.

I had a short piece of PVC laying around, so I decided to practice. I’m pretty happy with the result. I end up with a nice, rounded, black plastic strip just under an inch wide. I think it will make for a very nice rub rail.

The trick is to keep the cut even. I screwed the pipe to a piece of wood to use as a guide.

It will be harder to do at full length, but if I get an extra pair of hands I think we can keep it straight.

I’m wondering if I can even build a little twist into the cut, so my rub rail will follow the line of the boat. Hmmm. Food for thought . . .

Lining up the cut . . .

This is so crazy . . . it just might work!

Making a second cut will be a challenge.

Here is the rub rail held up to the hull . . . nice!