The hull is basically complete – exept for the fiberglass and epoxy application. I have had a busy week, so I only had time to apply a couple of applications of filler epoxy to fair out the gaps and inconsistencies.

It is a long process of applying, waiting to dry, and sanding, and re-applying. This is a process (I am told) that can go on forever, so I have decided it is good for now. Prior to actually putting the fiberglass fabric over the hull, I will give it another once over.

Next step, flip the boat right side up, and begin working on the insides and deck. Once I get the deck on, I can fiberglass the whole thing, over the deck, onto the hull, flip it over, and cover the hull tying it into the deck.

I have many big decisions ahead . . . what kind of lights, switches, accessories, steering, throttle arrangement, seats, trim, decking, and on . . . and on . . . and on . . .

It is enough to keep me up at night!

Filled, faired, and ready to flip.

I used a red pencil to check the line of the bow crease.

I had to add some material to the starboard bow to match the shape of the port side.

Love those curves!