I didn’t get everything done I had hoped this weekend. It wasn’t for lack of trying, though. I spent at least six hours each day, and fussed, and tweaked, and, well . . . it just takes a long time.

I was hoping to get all of the hull members in place. Keel, batons, shear, and chine. I figured I could spend all week fairing the surfaces, and start putting plywood on the hull by next weekend.

Instead, I spent almost all day Saturday on the keel, and while the batons went int flawlessly on Sunday, bending the chine was a big job. I decided to do it in two 3/8ths inch thick cedar strips laminated together. I got the first strip on, but needed the epoxy to dry before I could start the second. then, I was too tired to start on the sheer strips. This is going to take a while. I guess I’ll pick away at it next week.

The keel, batons (longitudinal pieces) and the first part of the chine.

Here I have dry fitted the second strip for the chine.

Somehow these strips of cedar need to come together to form the chine line.