The “full sized” plans are only half of the boat. You have to transfer them to a layout board, then (somehow) flip the plan over and transfer the other side to get both halves. This was not easy. My first couple of attempts were badly out of alignment. I had to increase the size of the inspection holes I cut in the plan, so I could line it up better with the reference lines. this took a LONG time.

Then, I started cutting out the first frame pieces . . . but not without ruining the first board I tried. Wouldn’t be a project if it went perfectly . . . would it? By the end of the day (today) I had six small frame pieces to show for my efforts.

Working with the layout board

Voila! My first "transfer". In pencil on the board.

See those? Those are actual boat frame pieces on the board.

Allison took this "action" shot showing that it was really ME doing this.